We at IDEX Health & Science are excited to be the inaugural sponsor of BINA. Through partnership we aspire to change the way the world innovates. We support those who discover and innovate by redefining the supplier-customer relationship. We develop, engineer, and manufacture optofluidic components and sub-assemblies for life sciences and healthcare.

Optofluidic Pathway

IDEX Optofluidic Pathway

As the optofluidic leader we deliver the most complete portfolio of technologies, components, and capabilities. Whether you need a fully characterized microscope objective, a Semrock optical filter, or a fully integrated subsystem, we are here to help you eliminate costly trial-and-error cycles.

How we Partner
Advancing Science and New Technologies with Next Generation Sequencing

Our partner asked for our help solving fluidic and optical challenges while simplifying critical elements of their instrument builds. We collaborated to build the fluidics and optics that power flexible sequencing platforms, which allowed our partner to replace their engineering team so they could focus on their science. Our experts delivered new technologies that not only took the customer to market faster, de-risked projects, and reduced internal SKUs, but also enabled advancements in medicine, forensics, and agriculture. Together, we pioneered the next generation of genome sequencing.

Interested in learning more about what it means to be part of our team? Check out our meet the experts section of our website. Already have a project in mind? Fill out a custom quote request and we will be in touch.

We look forward to our continued partnership with BINA.



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