Job Outside of North America

COMULIS and Euro-BioImaging

The Virtual Pub


"Every Friday at 13.00 CET, Node staff and Friends of Euro-BioImaging join with the Euro-BioImaging Hub staff for a virtual meeting - about topics that interest us all. We showcase our Nodes' success stories and expertise, exciting science, travel grants, new technologies - and more!  Started as an informal meet-up during the COVID-19 lockdown, this event has expanded to become a regular event with a following. We welcome other imaging enthusiasts to join us every Friday."

Friday 13:00 CET​​

  • December 17th, 2021




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EMBL Courses & Conferences 2022


Online & In-person

The EMBL Courses and Conference Program for 2022 is new available.  Click the "Learn More" button below for more details.


CSH Courses Program

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

New York

As a leading international center for research and education, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory organizes 30+ advanced technical science courses each year featuring instructors and participants from around the world.


Advanced Research Training

Marine Biological Laboratory

University of Chicago

MBL offers courses for graduate students and postdoctoral researchers to pursue science at the highest level. They offer 20+ courses across the biomedical sciences.

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Advanced Research Training

European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL)

Heidelberg, Germany

EMBL has organized events and courses for over 40 years. They welcome top-class trainers and speakers who showcase and present cutting-edge science and technologies.

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MDI Biological Laboratory Courses

MDI Biological Laboratory

Bar Harbor, ME

The MDI Biological Laboratory offers a wide range of courses for students at all levels. We offer short laboratory training courses for undergraduate students through Maine INBRE as an enrichment to the curricula of students’ institutions. We offer courses for medical students and physicians providing an immersive experience in basic scientific research to bridge the gap between discovery and clinical application of scientific knowledge.

Our biomedical innovation courses are offered for post-graduate students and scientists who want to acquire expertise in the fields of regenerative medicine, aging, and bioinformatics.