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Managing Director of the Microscopy Core Facility

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National University of Singapore, Mechanobiology Institute

The Managing Director will supervise several staff members with various levels of expertise who are responsible for the operation and maintenance of instruments and facilities. The Managing Director will be responsible for strategic planning for upgrades and procurement, budget, user training and support, safety and fiduciary compliance, and the administration of a charge-back system. The Managing Director, collectively with the core facility team members, will also support Principal Investigators (PIs) on specific research projects and funding applications. The Managing Director will also be expected to actively coordinate with SINGASCOPE, regularly liaise with MBI Faculty Advisory Committee, and organize regular workshops on latest microscopy techniques and their applications.

To apply, please send your application package including a cover letter addressed to the MBI Search Committee, curriculum vitae, and the names of three individuals qualified to provide references to

Postdoctoral Position

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King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

The Vibra Lab is looking for an ambitious and self-motivated post-doctoral researcher with excellent scientific records to work on the development and application of a novel fast and broadband Stimulated Raman Scattering microscopy system, in the framework of an interdisciplinary project investigating lipid dysregulation in cancer cells.

Applications should be sent to and include:
- CV
- a cover letter that summarizes the research experience and areas of interests of the applicant
- academic transcripts (unofficial/scanned is acceptable)
- contact information of at least 2 academic references.

The postdoctoral position will be open until filled.

Imaging Sales Specialist High Content Imaging

Date Posted: 

Midwest, USA

Research Engineer at ASI Imaging

Date Posted: 

Eugene, OR, USA

Applied Scientific Instrumentation (ASI) is seeking a Research Engineer who is enthusiastic about developing hardware for cutting-edge optical microscopy. Although we de-emphasize titles, the candidate might become de-facto technical director or head of technical sales depending on experience, aptitude, interest, and fit with existing personnel.

Senior Scientist, Optical Imaging

Date Posted: 

Merck (West Point, PA)

Our Research Scientists are our Inventors. We identify and target steps in disease mechanisms or pathways that could be inhibited or enhanced. Our goal is to isolate a compound that is effective against a disease target. Using innovative thinking, state-of-the-art facilities and robust scientific methodology we collaborate to discover the next medical breakthrough.

We are looking for a highly-motivated, passionate, and innovative Senior Scientist to join in our diverse translational imaging biomarker team in West Point, PA. The successful candidate will lead the discovery, evaluation, development, and implementation of in vivo optical imaging biomarkers in small animal models to assist and advance drug discovery and development programs using optical imaging techniques. Applications will focus on infectious diseases and vaccines, but other therapeutic areas will also be in scope including oncology, immunology, and neuroscience.

Ph.D. Position at the Laboratory of Neural Circuit Dynamics

Start Date: March 2020

Date Posted: 

University of Zurich: Brain Research Institute

The group of Fritjof Helmchen (Brain Research Institute, University of Zurich) is offering a PhD position
to study neuronal circuits using light-sheet microscopy. In our research group we study circuit function
and principles of computation in the mammalian brain, with a particular focus on advancing and
applying optical imaging methods for in vivo measurements and anatomical reconstructions. We
investigate both the local cellular micro-level with the help of high-resolution microscopes as well as
the more global 'mesoscale' brain network using large-scale imaging tools. Recently, we started the
mesoSPIM initiative (, an open-source hardware project which provides the imaging
community with highly versatile light-sheet microscopes for imaging cleared tissue. The successful PhD
student will work on the improvement of the current generation of instruments towards better
resolution, usability, and application to ongoing projects in the lab directed at studying the function of
long-range projections in the mouse brain.

Scientific Computing Associate – Light-sheet Microscopy Reconstruction & Analysis

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Howard Hughes Medical Institute (Ashburn, VA)

The Scientific Computing Associate II (SCA II) position represents an alternative to the traditional postdoc and provides an ideal environment to establish a career in computational research or software engineering. The position aims at developing qualifications and experience in computational research and professional software engineering in a research environment that enables the candidate to pursue her/his future career in science or industry.

We are seeking a talented and motivated computational scientist to develop solutions that enable robust and automated processing of large-scale, high-dimensional microscopy datasets that are produced by next-generation light-sheet microscopes for ultrafast high-resolution volumetric imaging of living organisms. These microscopes are being developed in the Keller lab and enable fundamentally new measurements in the imaging of whole-animal development as well as in the functional imaging of the brain.

This is a time-limited appointment for 12 to 24 months, with discretionary renewal for a final 12-month term.

Microscopy Specialist at the Advanced BioImaging Facility (ABIF)

Application Deadline: February 9, 2020

Date Posted: 

McGill University; Montreal, Canada

With a strong focus on interdisciplinary work, the position will involve addressing research questions from diverse fields such as cell biology, cancer biology, biophysics, neuroscience and cellular biomechanics. McGill is ranked among the finest research-intensive universities in the world. The ABIF of McGill University has technical capabilities for live cell imaging, total internal reflection fluorescence (TIRF) microscopy, light sheet imaging, fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy (FLIM), multi-photon microscopy, laser micro-dissection, fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (FCS), image processing and analysis, spectral imaging and high content screening.

Candidates should send a cover letter indicating their scientific expertise and career goals and their curriculum vitae to before February 9th 2020.

Director-Light Microscopy

Date Posted: 

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Memphis, TN

The Director of the Light Microscopy facility has the opportunity to become deeply involved in a wide array of basic science and translational research projects, enabling world-renowned investigators to answer their scientific questions. The successful applicant will be responsible for managing the light microscopy facility within the institution's Cell and Tissue Imaging (CTI) shared resource and collaborating with faculty and staff on exciting and innovative research projects.

Daily responsibilities include managing the accurate and efficient performance of facility staff, including quality control, and instrument maintenance. In addition to the management responsibilities, you are expected to play an integral role in the day to day operations of the laboratory, consulting with researchers to formulate optimal workflows covering acquisition in line with data processing, and data analysis. The CTI shared resource is an end-user driven facility, therefore the Director also designs one-on-one training or education sessions to guide best practices in the St. Jude imaging community. You will oversee all work performed, and you are expected to maintain extensive knowledge and expertise in current and emerging light microscopy techniques and the associated protocols. This is a dynamic laboratory environment where you will work with researchers involved in innovative basic and translational research for the fulfillment of our mission: Finding Cures. Saving Children.

Postdoctoral Position

Date Posted: 

University of Kansas

The Cell Biology laboratory of Dr. Prachee Avasthi ( at the University of Kansas Medical Center in Kansas City, KS, is looking for a postdoctoral fellow.
The successful candidate will work on identifying and dissecting pathways regulating assembly
of the cellular antenna, the cilium. We use genetics, chemical biology, biochemistry, microscopy,
and quantitative image analysis to understand how cilia are built, maintained, and regulated in coordination with other cellular processes. This work is largely done in the unicellular yeast-like algal cell, Chlamydomonas reinhardtii, an excellent ciliary model system for rapid mechanistic analyses.

Postdoctoral Training Program in Bioimage Analysis

Application Deadline: March 14, 2020

Date Posted: 

Broad Institute

This new training program is an opportunity for biologists with strong interest and some experience in image analysis to develop deeper skills through many different individual projects as well as by supporting thousands of researchers around the world who are accomplishing great things with our lab’s open-source software, CellProfiler, and our deep learning-based tools in development. Quantitative image analysis is an under-served need in the biological community, and our group has passion and experience in both creating the tools to make it easier to do and training researchers to do it well. The selected candidate will be trained over 2-3 years to develop their image analysis, software engineering, data science, and project management skills in concert; they will decide their own focus in skill development while advancing important biomedical projects around the globe. “Graduates” will be well-suited for positions providing or leading image analysis services for a central microscopy facility in academia or the biotech/pharma industry.

Advanced Microscopist

Date Posted: 

IST Austria (Institute of Science and Technology)

The Bio-Imaging Facility of the IST Austria provides state-of the art fluorescence microscopy services, Flow Cytometry services, as well as custom image analysis and optical development services. We are enlarging our team and are searching for a full time advanced microscopist.
Responsibilities include:
- Support of basic facility operation: routine care of the microscopy equipment, (basic) training of the users
- Support and development of advanced quantitative microscopy-based measurement, with a focus on multi-photon imaging application (cognate awake animal imaging, 2nd and 3rd generation harmonics microscopy), recording and analysis of calcium dynamics, opto(-genetic) stimulation
- Projects based tasks, such as: optimization of cleared tissue and organoid imaging methods, establishment of Adaptive Optics, real-time feedback microscopy, image analysis and machine learning applications
- Assist in teaching and organization of annual microscopy course

Senior Research Scientist/Microscopist

Date Posted: 

Memorial Sloan Kettering (MSK) Cancer Center

The Molecular Cytology Core Facility is offering a full-time position for a highly motivated person who is interested to apply and further develop his skills to support scientists and students with image acquisition and data analysis. The MCCF is supporting complex microscopy setups, including Zeiss confocal/Airyscan, Leica confocal microscopes (SP5 on an upright stand, SP5 on an inverted stand and SP8/WLL&APDs), widefield bright field/fluorescence microscopes, laser capture microdissection microscope, digital slide scanners and image analysis workstations with a range of software packages, e.g. Imaris, AutoQuant, MatLab, FIJI/ImageJ, Voloom, CaseViewer. We have more than hundred users with a diverse range of applications and imaging needs.

The new team member is expected to work with image processing and image analysis in the dynamic environment of basic and clinical researchers, as well as oversee the training of the scientists, using the equipment.

Staff Scientist (SMLM)

Date Posted: 

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Memphis, TN

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is seeking a highly motivated candidate to join the Department of Structural Biology as an institutionally supported Staff Scientist to understand molecular functions at the single-molecule scale in the Blanchard laboratory. The successful candidate will utilize quantitative biophysical methods to explore clinically important biological systems at the single-molecule scale. This includes close collaborations with the Single-Molecule Imaging Center (SMC), which operates state-of-the-art fluorescence imaging technologies, including custom-built total internal reflection fluorescence (TIRF) and confocal time-correlated single-photon counting (TCSPC) microscopes. Our highly interdisciplinary, collaborative, mission-driven environment requires a team-oriented individual with strong leadership skills to ensure quality operations and the vision and creativity to successfully pursue scientific advances.

Advanced BioImaging Facility Microscopy Specialist

Date Posted: 

McGill University, Montreal, Canada

The Advanced BioImaging Facility (ABIF) at McGill University in Montreal, Canada is looking for a candidate to fill the position of Microscopy Specialist. With a strong focus on interdisciplinary work, the position will involve addressing research questions from diverse fields such as cell biology, cancer biology, biophysics, neuroscience and cellular biomechanics. McGill is ranked among the finest research-intensive universities in the world. The ABIF of McGill University has technical capabilities for live cell imaging, total internal reflection fluorescence (TIRF) microscopy, light sheet imaging, fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy (FLIM), multi-photon microscopy, laser micro-dissection, fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (FCS), image processing and analysis, spectral imaging and high content screening. Candidates should send a cover letter indicating their scientific expertise and career goals and their curriculum vitae to: Dr. Claire Brown (

Postdoctoral Researcher

Date Posted: 

Ohio State University

Researchers at IDL use advanced microscopy and data analytics to study membrane trafficking pathways within cells in culture and tissues of developing organisms. The open positions are for: 1. Development of a modular structured illumination microscopy (SIM) system that can operate at total internal reflection fluorescence (TIRF), grazing incidence (GI), 2D and 3D modes. Upon completion, the imaging system will primarily be used to study dynamics of endocytic and cell adhesion complexes during in vitro and in situ cell migration. 2. Characterization of the mechanical response of endocytic complexes in live cells using force spectroscopy and high resolution fluorescence microscopy simultaneously. Consecutive studies will aim towards monitoring spatiotemporal tension gradients in migrating cells and at various stages of the cell cycle. The candidates are expected to have broad experience in optical microscopy, image processing and computational analysis. Candidates should send their curriculum vitae, 3 reference letters and a cover letter indicating their scientific expertise to

Postdoctoral position in two-photon imaging and immunology

Date Posted: 

University of Texas at Austin

A postdoctoral position is available in the Ehrlich lab at the University of Texas at Austin to use 2-photon microscopy to study T cell differentiation and selection, as well as the role of the tumor microenvironment in T-ALL. To apply for this position, send a CV and letter of interest to:

Postdoctoral Position

Date Posted: 

University of California San Diego

Scholars will work on developing and applying the cutting-edge of Stimulated Raman Scattering microscopy (SRS) and multiphoton imaging system to solve biomedical problems. Duties of the position include developing new optical imaging tools and technology to image high-resolution metabolic activities in situ. Extra experience in structural, in vivo, and cellular biology or computational analysis is encouraged. Candidates holding a Ph.D., M.D., or an equivalent level of expertise biomedical optical imaging research in life sciences is encouraged to apply. Scholars will conduct biophysical experiments along with SRS imaging and computing tasks while pursing creative solutions to neuroscience, cancer, or metabolic diseases. Other duties include mathematical data analysis, preparing manuscripts for publication, and contributing to the grant-writing experience. The earliest available starting date is Oct 15th, 2019 and will be initially funded for one year with the potential for up to three years. To apply please submit a CV that includes a list of education, publications, work experience, and contacts of references to

Postdoctoral Position in Neurovascular Imaging

Date Posted: 

University of Maryland School of Medicine

The ideal candidate will have a PhD in physiology, pharmacology, neuroscience or a related discipline. Prior experience in one or more of the approaches described above is preferred but not essential. More important is dedication to and passion for cutting-edge research. Preferred start date is January 2020 but this can be negotiated. Interested applicants should send their CV and two references to:

Senior Research Specialist

Date Posted: 

Princeton Neuroscience Institute

A Senior Research Specialist position is available for the Circuits of coGnitive Systems collaboration. The primary responsibility of this position is to provide technical support for the custom optical and behavioral instrumentation used within the multiple laboratories in our project. These systems will be used for large scale optical recording and optogenetic perturbation studies on the mechanisms of working memory and decision-making. After proper training, the successful candidate will also be expected to assist other researchers with the usage of several commercial instruments (confocal microscope, light sheet microscopes, slide scanner).

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