BINA Members

BioImaging North America is currently represented by:

Allen Institute for Cell Science

Baylor College of Medicine

Boston University

Broad Institute

Carnegie-Mellon University

Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative

College of Alameda

Columbia University

Dartmouth College

Duke University

Emory University

Georgia Institute of Technology

Gladstone Institutes

Harvard Medical School

Harvard University

Howard Hughes Medical Institute Janelia Research Campus

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Indiana University at Bloomington

Institut Armand-Frappier, Université du Québec

Iowa State University

James Madison University

La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology

Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories

Lehigh University

McGill University

NYU School of Medicine

National Institutes of Health

New State Dept. of Health Wadsworth Center

New York University

North Carolina State University

Northwestern University

Open Microscopy Environment (OME)

Oregon Health Sciences University

Oregon State University

Rockefeller University

San Francisco State University

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Stanford University

Stowers Institute for Medical Research

The Buck Institute

The Salk Institute

The Scripps Research Institute

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

University of Alberta

University of Arizona

University of Birmingham

University of British Columbia

University of Calgary

University of California, Berkeley

University of California, Davis

University of California, Irvine

University of California, Los Angeles

University of California, Riverside

University of California, San Francisco

University of California, Santa Cruz

University of Chicago

University of Colorado at Boulder

University of Delaware

University of Georgia

University of Massachusetts Medical School

University of Massachusetts at Amherst

University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

University of Montana

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

University of Pennsylvania

University of Pittsburgh

University of Rochester

University of Saskatchewan

University of South Alabama

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

University of Texas at Austin

University of Vermont

University of Virginia, Charlottesville

University of Washington

University of Wisconsin - Madison

University of Wyoming

Université de Montréal

Vanderbilt University

Washington University, Saint Louis

Woods Hole Marine Biological Laboratory

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