Working Group

The Training and Education Working Group (T&E WG) was created to bring together resources from the North American bioimaging community, share these resources and avoid duplication of efforts. The group will also survey the community to understand the needs and work with BINA members to develop and offer workshops, training programs and educational courses.


The first task is to collate and make available microscopy training materials on the BINA website, enabling BINA members to train budding microscopists more effectively and efficiently and bringing helpful training resources to geographically remote regions. This task is especially urgent in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, during which in person training has become especially challenging. Materials will include handbooks, video clips, tutorials, particularly useful review papers, online courses and workshops and links to other notable websites with an emphasis on microscopy education.

The T&E WG will concentrate its efforts as follows:

  1. Solicit and discover links to existing training materials available on the internet;

  2. Work together with our commercial partners to create new training materials;

  3. Evaluate training materials for excellence and efficacy;

  4. Work in close connection with the BINA Communications WG to promote the dissemination of training materials to the entire bioimaging community in North America in a manner that does not violate the intellectual property of the originator.

  5. Survey the BINA community to understand the training and education needs.

Kate Luby-Phelps


UT Southwestern Medical School

Christopher Wood

Board Liaison

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

Teng-Leong Chew

Board Liaison

HHMI Janelia Research Campus

Anna Payne-Tobin Jost


Harvard Medical School

Doug Cromey


University of Arizona

Christina Baer


University of Massachusetts Medical School

Chloe van Oostende-Triplet


University of Ottawa

Jason Kirk


Baylor College of Medicine

Torsten Woellert


SUNY Upstate Medical University

Thierry Pécot



SFR Biosit (UMS 3480 - US 018)

Kristopher Kubow


James Madison University