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Educascope es un sistema completo de enseñanza-aprendizaje diseñado para la educación escolar y se basa en un sistema de capacitación “entrenando a los entrenadores”.
Aplicaciones de la microscopía al estudio de la respuesta inmune
Curso virtual completo La Microscopia al estudio del als respuerta inmune - Parte 1-4
Visual Media
Center for Open Bioimage Analysis
Excellent source of how-to videos on image analysis with Cell Profiler
A searchable database of resources for light microscopists
website with links
Robert Haase's YouTube Page
Online image analysis course. Includes YouTube videos and links to exercises.
How to set up Köhler illumination
A video illustration of Köhler illumination on a basic upright compound microscope.
MicroCourses: Harvard Medical School Nikon Imaging Centre
Microcourses are short educational videos on a variety of light microscopy topics, brought to you by a team of microscopists from Harvard Medical School.
Image Analysis Workshop
Slides and example datasets from a 5 session workshop on bioimage analysis.
powerpoints; text files; image files
Microscopy Alliance
Articles and web resources targeted to core facility directors and personnel.
online bibliography w links
Molecular Expressions
A primer on a wide variety of microscopy and optical imaging techniques.
website; text and java tutorials
UNC repository of resources
Useful microscopy links from the Microscopy Services Laboratory at UNC
webpage with links
Imaris Homeschool
A variety of 3D visualization and analysis tutorials using Imaris.
QuPath software use guide
Abbreviated links and instructions for using QuPath. Supplemental to 'From Samples to Knowledge Workshop 2020'
documentation from website
SCOPE - UMass Med
Instructional videos for the Leica SP8 confocal microscope system.
Zeiss Lightsheet 7 sample prep
Quick overview of how samples are mounted for the Zeiss Lightsheet Z.1 and 7
Leica Microsystems Tutorials
Software and hardware training tutorials for Leica Microsystems products
Microscopy Services Laboratory UNC
Microscopy lectures and tutorial videos from the Microscopy Services Laboratory at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Nikon Microscopy U
A microscopy education website sponsored by Nikon Instruments
website; text and java tutorials
QuPath Documentation
QuPath is open source analysis software for digital pathology applications and more!
website; software tutorials
QuPath From Samples to Knowledge Workshop 2020
Workshop on the use of QuPath: an open, powerful, flexible, extensible software platform for whole slide image analysis.
Fiji Workshop, Advanced Imaging Center, HHMI Janelia
An archive of presentations from the 2020 Fiji Image Processing and Analysis Workshop.
course materials Forum
User forum for software-oriented aspects of scientific imaging, particularly (but not limited to) image analysis, processing, acquisition, storage, and management of digital scientific images.
Imaging discussion forum
User forum focusing on hardware, acquisition, and specimen-related aspects of scientific imaging.
Imaging discussion forum
FPbase is a free and open-source, community-editable database for fluorescent proteins (FPs) and their properties. The primary objective is to aggregate structured and searchable FP data that is of interest to the imaging community and FP developers.
web resource
Image Processing and Analysis for Life Scientists
Basic image analysis course for life scientists with a non-engineering background.
online course
Single Molecule Localization
Powerpoint presentation covering basic principles, hardware and software for SMLM by Siân Culley
MICRON OMX Training Course
Course material aimed at facility staff working with the DeltaVision OMX 3D structured illumination microscope (3D-SIM)
pdf; course materials
MICRON microscopy course
A repository of presentation material from the 2019 MICRON Advanced Microscopy Course at the University of Oxford
pdfs; course materials
BioImageAnalysis 2020
Tutorials on image processing/analysis in Fiji/ImageJ from Robert Haase
ibiology Microscopy Course
A free, comprehensive course covering a range of topics including the basics of optics, transmitted light, fluorescence, cameras and image processing.
iBiology Bioimage Analysis Course: The Life Cycle of an Image Data Set
An overview of the practice and principles of microscopy digital image handling. This series follows the life cycle of an image data set, from acquisition to analysis.  It teaches important concepts and best practices, and provides examples.
MySCOPE Microscopy Training
MySCOPE is an online learning environment that provides insights into the fundamental science behind different microscopy techniques.
hardware tutorials with simulator
OiVM Core @BCM
Complete user training videos for the Carl Zeiss LSM 880 with Airyscan.
Andor Complete Microscopy Training Course
Series of videos covering basic microscopy through advanced techniques.
Demonstration of the ultra microtome machine that cuts thin samples, thin enough to be usable for transmission electron microscopy. The machine, different knives and techniques are demonstrated.
Videos with detailed demos
Leica UC7 ultramicrotome
Leica video with music, no voiceover using UC7 microtome
Videos with detailed demos
Trimming resin blocks
An instructional video on how to trim resin blocks with an ultramicrotome.
Videos with detailed demos
TEM thin section staining
A short video showing how to stain ultra-thin sections for TEM imaging
Videos with detailed demos
Negative Staining
Procedure for negative staining in TEM
Videos with detailed demos
Sample prep for SEM
This video describes how to prepare a sample for use with a scanning electron microscope. Specifically, the Hatachi TM3000 model of desktop SEM.
videos with detailed demos
Tissue preparation for TEM
A tutorial on preparing ultra-thin sections for TEM microscopy.
Leica YouTube Channel
Tutorials for a variety of instruments from Leica Microsystems
Zeiss YouTube Channel
Official YouTube channel for Carl Zeiss Microscopy
Cleaning Microscope Optics
How to clean optical components of a microscope by Nikon Instruments.
Nikon YouTube Channel
Official YouTube channel for Nikon Instruments
Royal Microscopical Society
A collection of online microscopy resources compiled by the Royal Microscopy Society
organization website
Global Bioimaging
An international network of imaging communities (including BINA!)
organization website