October 19, 2020-March 9, 2021

Image Processing for Correlated and Multimodal Imaging Techniques Training

Virtual & Belgium

Within the context of the COST action COMULIS (Correlated Multimodal Imaging in Life Sciences, CA17121) we are organising a training event on ‘Image processing for correlated and multimodal imaging techniques’.

COMULIS (Correlated Multimodal Imaging in Life Sciences) is an EU-funded COST Action that aims at fuelling urgently needed collaborations in the field of correlated multimodal imaging (CMI), promoting and disseminating its benefits through showcase pipelines, and paving the way for its technological advancement and implementation as a versatile tool in biological and preclinical research.

The purpose of this event is to dedicate three days of intense training to an audience with little or basic expertise. The program will first cover a full day of online lectures (19 October 2020), followed by two days of hands-on training (8 & 9 March 2021, Ghent).

Event intended for:
Target audience has little or basic expertise in the field.

January 18-February 24, 2021

MaxBI Technical Training @ Home Courses


With the MaxBi Technical Training @ Home courses we are offering a web seminar series focussing on Image Analysis in January and February 2021

February 8-12, 2021

Deep Learning for Image Analysis


Neural networks have been successfully applied to various medical and biological imaging modalities including PALM/STORM, light sheet fluorescence microscopy, high-throughput microscopy, electron microscopy, X-ray tomography. However, they require observation-outcome-pairs for training.

This is a blended learning course on Deep Learning for Image Analysis, consisting of pre-course online sessions in December 2020 and/or January 2021 with associated hands-on exercises and a week-long virtual course in February 2021.

Postponed to June 2021

GWNIC Correlative Light & Electron Microscopy Workshop

Washington, DC

The main theme of this workshop is correlating large-area images of the same sample created with both light and high-resolution electron microscopy.

It will be geared towards microscopists who are interested in learning new techniques for special projects or who are in the market for new instruments, particularly those who are interested in utilizing large area imaging in their research.

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