September 7, 2020

Exchange of Experience V

Okazaki, Japan

Global BioImaging organizes annual international workshops called Exchange of Experience (EoE), which represent key moments for the international imaging community to come together and discuss common goals, trends and challenges in running open access imaging facilities across the globe. The EoE workshops are a unique open forum for discussion and generation of new ideas, where imaging facility managers and technical staff, scientists, science policy officers and funders from around the globe, come together to build the interpersonal relations necessary for the success of the Global BioImaging network.

December 12, 2020

Advanced BioImaging Facility (ABIF) and Zeiss APEER Cloud-based Computing Software Image Processing

Montreal, Canada

Join us as we explore typical image processing workflows in the life sciences and how computational machine learning and AI algorithms and the APEER platform ( can be applied to streamline analysis pipelines, save researchers time, and gain more information from biological data.

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Postponed to June 2021

GWNIC Correlative Light & Electron Microscopy Workshop

Washington, DC

The main theme of this workshop is correlating large-area images of the same sample created with both light and high-resolution electron microscopy.

It will be geared towards microscopists who are interested in learning new techniques for special projects or who are in the market for new instruments, particularly those who are interested in utilizing large area imaging in their research.

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